Banjo Strap - Cradle - 2"

Banjo Strap - Cradle - 2

Our standard American bison leather banjo strap features a 48" tail  section which completely encircles your banjo pot assembly. Our unique  feature utilizes two color matched Chicago screws which connect the tail  section to the main body of the strap. This design is a Lakota Leathers  original and we feel it is the safest, most secure design available for  your valuable instrument. These straps are extremely soft and supple.  We know of no other leather as soft as Bison. The Lakota people take  great pride in creating every banjo strap. We know you'll agree that  this is the most comfortable strap you have ever tried! 100% money back  guarantee!

Style Cradle
Color Black
Material American Bison
Size 2"

Price:  $65.00

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